Friday, January 27, 2012

REDRUMMURDER sexy 60's halter-neck.

Donated item!

Once upon a time, REDRUMMURDER was like the shop to go to in town.  I'm not sure whether it's still around today (I think it is).  What I recall is they have really unique pieces so when I saw this in the Good Samaritan's donation bag, I felt really nostalgic :)

Size: S/M
Colour and design: Different shades of red in 60s print, sexy back slit that teases to no end.
Condition (newness): 7/10
Price: RM30

Actually I really like this top too.  It's such an easy top to fit into for fun night outs.

Feels like I'm liking everything that's been donated to this project.  Nevertheless, I'm not gonna get it.  Instead I'm gonna leave these goodies to you.  So if you like it, mail me?

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