Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strawberry Jam Monday.

Because everyone complains about the blues on the first day of the week, I've decided to combat it with something cheerful and sweet.  So here goes:

First you need some strawberries, a lemon, some gelatine and sugar.  I wish I bought 'riper' sort of strawberries which are also more reddish than these ones.  Cause it really does give a better colour to your jam.  If your strawberries look like these, your jam will turn out to be more pinkish than red.  And in case if you don't already know, red (or the same family) is the colour that makes all food look more delicious (hence, most food brand logos have some kind of red).  So, ya try to find 'redder' strawberries if you know what I mean :)

And then you squeeze a lemon into a bowl.  You probably only need to use 1 or 2 tablespoons of lemon, depending on your personal taste.  I used 2 tablespoons to a mountainful bowl of sliced strawberries, but I would have taken it a notch down still.  Maybe 1 and half would have been sufficient.  Don't forget that strawberries have their natural sweetness and sourness too!

Add strawberries, lemon juice and sugar (I used half a small bowl - which is already too sweet for me!) into a pot or saucepan and cook em' strawberries, mash em' strawberries, stir em' strawberries till they are mushy and gooey like the picture below.  Keep stirring cause you don't want it to burn.  Best result using non-stick pot/pan otherwise good luck in your aftermath.  While you have one hand stirring the pot, you need to use the other hand to prepare the gelatin mixture.  Pour 1 tablespoon of gelatin into a bowl, add cold water, mix em' and let stand still for about 1 minute before adding into the pot, stirring constantly.  Oh yea, pretty much like a kitchen circus - two hands motion.  Reminds me of Karate Kid - wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off.  Hehe.

When everything is well-mixed, bring to boil and turn off the gas.  Let the jam sit for about 5 minutes and scoop away the foam on the top.  Once it's cooled down a little, you can fill em' into little jars :)


See, I bet if I used riper or more reddish fruits, it'd look even more enticing.

My jars didn't have a cover.  So what I did was to wrap once with cling wrap and secure with a rubber band.  Then used some pretty origami paper (cut to perfect size) as a cover.  If it's homemade, it cannot not have a cottony sort of ribbon right?  

TADA!  できたよ!

Once the jars cooled down, you can then put them in your fridge and the gelatin will harden and you'll have a jelly texture!  If you prefer compote sort, then forget about the gelatin.

I tried.  It tastes like... strawberry jam.  Hehe.  Sweet and sourish.  It's my first time so, to be honest, I don't know how well I fared.  I made peach jam before when I lived in Japan and that was absolutely yummy!  Well, I only have two jars, so if you want one just let me know.

The entire procedure took me 2 hours which trust me, I spent MORE time decorating the jars than really cooking it.  So be encouraged, it's really not that difficult and can actually be really fun.  And nothing beats the satisfaction of looking at your end product :)

Though I have to say, a jar of jam outside costs less than 5 bucks and I think I spent 30 plus on the ingredients.  Economically speaking, it may not be the best viable option if you treat strawberry jam as a commodity.  But for your family to eat healthier (no preservatives) *ting*, to enjoy creating something out of love *ting*, to de-stress yourself from work (or any other stress inducing situation) *ting* and to be able to share this with others *ting* - now that's definitely worth more than RM5 ;)

Have fun boys and girls, have a jammy one!  x

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mint box transform!

I have a nice little mint metal box which obviously ran out of mint.  So I decided to decorate it a little so that it doesn't look so plain (and seriously, I think I over did it and now I don't know how to 'rewind' :Pp).  Anyway, I thought it's quite functional to be used as a jewellery travel box, a pill box, a knick-knack box, whatever small stuff you want a place to keep them safe in.

I'm giving this away for free so if you would like to have it, just comment at the bottom.  Donations are welcome but most definitely not obligated :)

This is how it looked like before:

And how it looks like after.  Honestly, if you ask me... I prefer the 'before' cause I'm a simple plane Jane.  But I just couldn't help but keep drawing these cute little clouds on it :P

And all around it.

So the end product became this:

AND THEN I PAUSED.  I paused.  And I cringed.

Nope.  It's just TOO MUCH.  So I took off everything, cleaned it once again and started from scratch.  And it became this:

I left the clouds floating on their own at the bottom and all around.  And added some stickies to the inside cover to make it a little more cheerful to look at.

Ahhh, nowwww I'm okay and this is ready to go.  Sorry for the shocking design error.  I didn't know what I was doing too and thank God for washable ink ;) Hope you like this! 

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

ZARA basic rayon knee-length skirt.

Donated item 

Obviously ZARA needs no introduction ;)

Size: S/M
Colour and design: Light beige, knee-length fitted skirt with a slit at the back.  Rayon texture.
Condition (newness): 7/10
Price: RM30

Apologies if the pictures don't turn out so right here cause truth be told, this skirt doesn't really fit me :S I really need a voluntary model!  These 'back shots' are getting tougher and tougher.

Anyway, this skirt will be suitable for those of you who like basic, comfy but versatile sort of clothing.  If you pair it with loose white top, hat and flats/flip flops - you're prepared for a sunny day out :) But if you wear something a little more formal on the top with heels, you could go to work with it.  The colour and cut is really quite versatile :)

Enjoy and if you like it, contact me ☛ here.

p/s: Sorry it looks bit crumply no, it's super crumply!  Was too lazy to get the iron out :Pp

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Friday, January 27, 2012

REDRUMMURDER sexy 60's halter-neck.

Donated item!

Once upon a time, REDRUMMURDER was like the shop to go to in town.  I'm not sure whether it's still around today (I think it is).  What I recall is they have really unique pieces so when I saw this in the Good Samaritan's donation bag, I felt really nostalgic :)

Size: S/M
Colour and design: Different shades of red in 60s print, sexy back slit that teases to no end.
Condition (newness): 7/10
Price: RM30

Actually I really like this top too.  It's such an easy top to fit into for fun night outs.

Feels like I'm liking everything that's been donated to this project.  Nevertheless, I'm not gonna get it.  Instead I'm gonna leave these goodies to you.  So if you like it, mail me?

*100% of the sales proceeds go to charity.  Read more about our cause here.  And if you're feeling kind and would like to encourage us to continue giving, help us by voting The Good Samaritan Shop as the Best CSR Blog category for Social Media Award 2012!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I swore to abhor this.

Right before Chinese New Year, I managed to lighten my wardrobe a little.  I packed all of the more 'practical' clothing for charity.  So I decided to drop them off in the nearest community bin which is in USJ and guess what?

Seriously!  I mean like SERIOUSLY?  I was flabbergasted to see the condition of the bins.  Please don't misunderstand, the bags on the ground around the bins are not rubbish.  They are donations that have been strewn all over like rubbish.  And some dude decided it was a waste of work for his biceps (or it could have been a woman, I wouldn't know) to shut the bin's door.  I'm really disgusted.  This is absolute distaste.  Honestly, how can some people so lack in their civic-mindedness?  These were supposed to be donations, yet they left it on the ground because the bins are full.  Question: Did you really wanna donate to the less fortunate?  Or did you really just wanna get rid of your stuff so that your spanking clean home can fit more spanking new stuff?  Aww come on yo, show some class.  I'm appalled and this, revolt me so so so so much.

I drove away.

Instead, I dropped my old clothings at Centrepoint, BU bins where I used to drop stuff at.

I seriously don't get it.

So next time if you see someone doing this, just tase them with an electric gun.  Go ahead, they deserve to be shocked out of their nimbwitted head and you have my 101% support.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thank you for saying the nicest things :)

Posted by a Good Samaritan supporter on Facebook:

"yo peepz... helping a good friend gather votes for best csr blog. if you cold just go to the link below and vote for 'the good Samaritan shop'

so, about 'the good Samaritan shop'.

a very interesting modus operandi i must say. basically u donate your old stuff to them from old clothings (in ok condition.. and not dirty underwear) to gadgets, ornaments... well basically something useful that someone else would want. so what happens is is that these items get sold for a reasonable price and then the $$$ goes to charity. so basically, if you have that nike jumper that you have overgrown and you want to get rid off.. u can donate it to them and they will sell it for you and the money will be used for a greater cause.. everyone benefits.

as proof, they will post on their blog how the $$$ was spent.. so it aint bogus.

give them a try. you might just find something that you will like as well.
personally, i got some papyrus bookmarks off them. quite cool... money went into the piggy bank which was used to buy pillows for the orphans in the sinthamani divine ashram



I cannot ask for a better write-up.  And yeap, you read it right.  No dirty underwear please.

p/s: My friend's a really cool bloke and absolutely abhor mushy wushy, feely weely, girly mirly stuff.  But I'm still gonna say... *iheartchu~*


agnès b. pinstripe knee-length skirt - SOLD!

A beautifully structured and composed piece of donation :)

agnès b. is known for her self-named French brand, which includes fashion and film interests.

Size: I wear a mid-S to small-M (toldja I'm confused :P) so it'll probably fit you if you wear a 36 (topshop) or size 1 if it's according to agnès b.'s size chart.
Colour and design: White pinstripe on grey.  Knee-length A-line with frills at the front and bow detail.
Condition (newness): 8/10
Price: RM50

It's very pretty if you wear it with a tight cotton knit top like mine or a white shirt with very tall heels to ace that business negotiation (sorry, can't demonstrate - no very tall heels!).  I tried taking different angles of the skirt being as detailed as possible.  Most are frontal shots but I took one to show you how it looks like behind - which is really plain so it's not too visual heavy, just nice ;) (but, really wrestled with that one to get a good shot! :P)

I hope you like it and mail me for purchase 

100% of the sales proceeds go to charity.  Read more about our cause here.  And if you're feeling kind and would like to encourage us to continue giving, help us by voting The Good Samaritan Shop as the Best CSR Blog category for Social Media Award 2012!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Recycled greeting card versus a stationery stand.

One more card, so more gift cards and one stationery stand.  Someone broke my cow mug that I used to keep all my pens and pencils.  Since, they're forever scattered on my table.  But not anymore! :)

What to do when you decide to 'outsit' the jam?

So this is what I did last night, I've got some greeting cards and decided to recycle them instead of throwing them away. So I made little gift tags in all sizes and two different... 'shapes' and some drink coasters for my colleagues.  Haha, feels like I'm back in school where everyone tags their name on their property :P I thought it was seriously quite cute ;)

So there, you get a free gift tag with your purchases from now on :) And if you need some, don't buy em'!  Get it from me, for free :)

I think these cards may look familiar to some of you, but don't worry... I've got your thoughts and they are close to my heart!  Isn't it more meaningful to have them recycled into second life? :)


Yup, all shapes and sizes for all occasions.

My personal mark to tell your recipient that this is 'recycled' :)

I really like this one.

When I folded it then I realized the 2012 was upside down.  And then I realize if you read it upside down, it looks like 7107.  And you know what 7107 stands for?  That's the number of islands that make up the Philippines.  Ha!  You didn't know that did you ;)

Not sure how absorbent the cards are but I reckon they can sustain a few rounds of cold drinks :) Cute huh.

So there, if you're stuck in the office because of the jam, here's an idea for you :) Tidy up your desk and you never know what treasure you'll find and more importantly what you can create out of it.  Happy midweek.

Vote The Good Samaritan Shop as the Best CSR Blog category for Social Media Award 2012!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Huat aaarrr!

Hehehe, someone dropped another RM50 into my donation basket today!  Wow, money really do drop from the sky when you're not looking for it.  So not kidding! :P

See what did I say, if you just keep focus on doing what you need to do, money will come look for you :)

I'm super encouraged indeed.  If you know anyone or any home or anything that needs attention and some kind of help, please please please connect me!  Thank you very much :D

Oh and if you really wanna keep encouraging me, please help by voting for my blog and spread the message.  Thank you kind folks, I'm indebted to you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nominated for 'Best CSR blog' - Social Media Awards 2012.

Helloooo peeps, what a pleasant surprise!  I got an email from the organisers of the Social Media Award 2012 that 'The Good Samaritan Shop' has been nominated to 'potentially' become the best CSR blog in Malaysia.

Erm.  Wowee.  That's quite unexpected that one of you would do that for me :) Such sweetness.  I'm not sure who, is it you?  Or is it you?  Or is it you?  Or is it you?  Haha, well thank YOU ;)

As you can see from the picture below, Popot and Pipit currently have zero vote so if you could kindly just register and click click click click on it.  I'm not sure what's the prize... but if it's money, then I pledge to donate everything back to The Good Samaritan's piggybank to help more people.  To be honest, I don't really mind if this thing wins or not but more important to me is the free exposure so that more people will come to know the cause of this blog.  And that they know they could be a kind Samaritan anytime, anywhere, and make a difference as simple as just one click to Sparks' gmail to participate - donate items, buy items, donate money, give an idea, join the force, anything.  Everyone could use a little kindness each day ;)

So... thanks in advance for your RTs and reposts and your shoutouts and your prayers and your goodwill and your good thoughts and your timeless support.  They are priceless to me.

So if you don't mind sparing a minute or two of your precious time to sign-up and donate some votes, please visit Social Media Awards 2012 here!


Jack Spade leather messenger bag - SOLD!

Size: Fits a 13" Macbook comfortably.
Colour and design: Brown calf leather with black strap and embossed 'Jack Spade' with inside compartments.
Condition (newness): 9/10
Price: RM150 (original price was $700)