Monday, November 28, 2011

New stuff in the shop! :D

Check out these new stuff soon!  Gonna post them separately once I get back from Tokyo.  Yes yes I see that excitement in your eyes cause we have stuff from Marni, agnès b, Gap to name a few and they're almost new (probably worn once or twice?).  Be patient! :)

If you wish to help this little shop grow, you can mail me the photos of your items (try to take interesting angles that focus on the details) at [at] and I'll post em' up here.  This will probably speed things up a lot more, thanks to Good Samaritan @SulinLau.  Buyer banks in to my account (I know I know, sounds dodgy but we'll iron out the details as we go along) and you can pass the goods to the buyer directly (instead of dropping it off to me).  And I'll make a note of that purchase and usage of the funds here.

By the way, if you have any suggestions of charity or causes, please feel free to share as well.  Let me know! :)

Changing the world, one item at a time.  Xx
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Make decorative functional.

I've been staring at this bottle of 2004 Evian for the longest time.  It came with a blue plastic cap and should look like a drop of water.  But the plastic cap cracked so I got rid of it.  Now, it looks like this:

A simple bottle.  I really like the details especially when you put it up against light, the 'snowflakes' on the bottle look like they're floating inside the glass bottle.  Pretty cool huh.  I don't have the heart to sell this cause I really like it (of course unless you like it more... then we can always discuss) but I don't want it to sit on my shelf and collect dust either.

So I've been staring at it for at least half an hour, trying to figure what else can I do with it.  It's too big to be a paperweight.  I actually thought of making it 'disperse' light, if I could get a bare light bulb and set it behind it.  And it will do some pretty serious lighting up in dark corners compared to a single light bulb alone, casting faint snowflake shadows.  But overall, I couldn't figure how it could be aesthetically appealing - bare bulb, wires and all.  I asked Google for opinions and it showed me how to make water bombs with bottles :P Wow, like what are our kids learning (worse, teaching) these days.

If you have any idea, please do share with me!  I just wanna make some good use out of it and my creative juice hasn't hit.  Let me know? ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Topshop over-the-knee slouchy ribbed socks in grey taupe - SOLD.

It's winter!  Everywhere else but here :(

Nevertheless, who can say no to a cute pair of socks?  No one :)

Size: 5 and a half size onwards (Japan size: 23.5 onwards)
Colour and design: Grey taupe, ribbed design, wear it up or wear it slouchy down, over-the-knee (thigh-high).  Thin material - good for all weather :)
Condition (NEW!): 10/10 - never been worn (why did I buy?  I don't know... I guess I was swinging somewhere in between 'I've always wanted this exact pair of socks nevermind they're not my size' to 'They're so cute, how could I not!?') - nevertheless, you're in luck.  This is totally, entirely, never-been-worn-before NEW from Topshop.  Click here to see what it looks like when worn.
Price: I got this from London for 7 quid and so, I'm gonna go with the number 30 for Ringgit :)

♫♪♩ Love love love - Hope ft Jason Mraz (warning: nice happy song but super cheesy video) 

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halter floral dress for the perfect holiday date night ♕♔ - SOLD!

A pretty dress with pixie fairy skirt, perfect for date night on warm balmy days :)

Size: Stretchable back, good for S/M
Colour and design: Dark emerald with royal blue flowers, halter V-neck, calf-length
Condition (newness): 7/10
Price: RM30

♫♪♩ Glory - Radical Face

And imagine watching this :)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Whoa!  We've collected over 200 bucks!  We can go buy rice now! :D Haha.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Buy a plot, save a plot - WWF Coral Triangle Initiative.

Today, the Good Samaritans are seafood heroes.  It's not about making big donations but small ones that when combined in volume will provide significant results.

We made our mark by buying a $5 plot on the Coral Triangle (the sea area which spans 6 countries).  It's important for you to know these three most important issues faced by the area:

1) Coral bleaching due to global warming (when the coral dies, the fishes die too)
2) Extinction of marine turtles (which controls the jellyfish population and prevent them from invading the world - I kid you not.  Don't believe, read this)
3) Unsustainable and unscrupulous fishing activities (seabed combing and sea bombing are common because it's fast and convenient but it kills everything - even sea life that we don't need).

Why the Coral Triangle?  Because it's also known as the womb of the sea where it supports millions with billions of USD per year - tourism, fishery, etc.  And most importantly, it's the life support system for most marine life.  Please help us make sure this area stay healthy and balanced.  Your $5 will go a long way.  And most importantly, do get your friends to just make that one little difference with one little click.

We did our bit, how about chyoo? :)

Visit now.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halter floral dress for that much deserved year-end holiday ♧ - SOLD!

Get beach sweet with a halter floral dress for that perfect year-end beach holiday you've been planning :) C'mon it's December, where else to go if not for some sun, sand and sea?

Size: Stretchable (S/M sizes are possible)
Colour and design: Lycra-type material, halter neck dress with white floral print on deep purple. Knee-length and V-neckline with under-bust detail folding
Condition: 6/10 
Price: RM25

Beach Boys x Christmas =


I know I know You who are thinking... Nope, this is NOT too early :Pp Haha!

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Warming up for autumn with a faux fur jacket ♡ - SOLD!

Embroidered inner label reads Couture 2007 from XXI (that's Forever 21 for you).  Faux fur and leather, suitable for our climate especially when the weather these days is unpredictable and chilly as we prepare for Fall and soon Christmas :)

Size: Free (But I think it should be M, towards L)
Colour and design: Combination of black, dark grey and brownish fur detail.  Cropped length (rib-level depending on how tall are you) with 3/4 wide-sleeves, with beading details sewn on the chest area and leopard print satin inner lining.
Condition: 7/10 (hardly worn)
Price: RM35

Get warm and snugly this Noel ♡

  Listening for the weather - Bic Runga

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can you ever own a colour? Of course you can :D

We bought a colour to help save a child's life with UNICEF :)

Thanks to a Good Samaritan, the name is Secret Garden (best viewed in Full HD screen, the details here) and here is the colour:

♡ the colour of autumn.

We donated £5 amounting to approximately RM25, which will be used to buy 100 sachets of oral rehydration salts to combat deadly dehydration and diarrhoea for children :))


Let's not stop here, you too can own a colour and save a child's life today!