Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inspired by love, we shall change :)

Hello everyone,

Have been thinking about the future of this blog lately, what could be and what should be.  And I've been getting a lot of inspiration :) To be honest, it is never my intention to make this into a business empire.  I supposed it started out as a hobby, a personal channel to be sort of 'useful' to the community for the greater good.  But after working on this for a couple of months now, I realised that there are a lot more Good Samaritans out there than the media so epicly failed to credit us human beings for.  So for that reason, I feel that this project must have legs and be able to scale up in the near future.  And like most things in life, in order to scale up, we've got to prepare for it and work towards a goal.  So here I am, re-evaluating the business model.  100% to charity is really a Jesus-type of ideal (you don't have to be a Christian to agree with me!).  In order for this 'business' to grow, we will have to retain some profit to at the very least handle the running fee.  Of course at the mo' it's just me.  But, to be reallllly honest with you, I dreamt of a building a logistics company run entirely by underprivileged people (who would put POS Malaysia to shame!  Kidding ^^).  So in order to make that happen, yup... our business model will have to change.

And secondly, we need more content.  So for those of you who are 'sellers' of any kind - products, ideas, services, etc and would like to collaborate and promote your products, ideas, services via this blog, please email me and we can discuss further.  Basically, I'm thinking - instead of you paying advertising money, you could pay via your products and lemme sell em' here :) If you're feeling generous you are welcome to continue donating your out-of-date products, etc, so that you keep getting new eye-balls here and I could link them to your site.  This place could be like your 'cheap sale' corner.  Hehe, except you're really donating your products for a good cause. OR if you're a hobbyist who wants to sell limited supplies of your product and don't have a channel, we could also talk :)

I'm also thinking of identifying a proper charity.  But, truth me told... I'm very apprehensive because anyone who had worked with NGOs before would know that sometimes this isn't an industry that's as 'clean' as it should be.  But... we'll see :)

My grand idea (whether I'll reach it in this life time or not) is to branch out as many businesses (micro or not) such as logistics, an aggregating platform of needs (like a community support network - I was involved in something similar before and trust me, it is doable!), production/manufacturing/services (contemporary home made stuff), etc as possible - all managed and run sustainably by underprivileged communities.  Why?  Because for mankind to step into modern living, we must first and foremost, eradicate poverty.  Why?  Because it is poverty that robs us of human equality.

Fingers crossed :)


Friday, February 10, 2012

♡♤♡♤♡ Give love away this Valentine's ♡♤♡♤♡ - SOLD!

I got this chain from Topshop a couple of years back during my infatuation with Rock n' Roll stars ★ and I haven't worn it since.  Although I still like it a lot but here it is on sale!  For a good cause, why not :)

Size: Adjustable long chain
Colour and design: Oxidised metal bronzy and silverish.  It's a heart-shaped locket! 
Condition (newness): 7/10
Price: RM30

Mail me for purchase!

*100% of the sales proceeds go to charity.  Read more about our cause here.  And if you're feeling kind and would like to encourage us to continue giving, help us by voting The Good Samaritan Shop as the Best CSR Blog category for Social Media Award 2012!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Social Media Awards 2012: Up, up and away!

Wowee, thank you for all your votes.  You guys are amazing :) The Good Samaritan Shop from zero vote, is now top three.  Mao apparently is a hell lot more popular than charity blogs!  Hahaha!  No surprise there :)  Thanks so much for your support, I'm truly indebted to you.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eco idea: Organising your belts.

For the life of me, I hate organising belts.  They're long, cumbersome, and the leather ones are simply untameable!  If you hang them over a rack, they'll slid off menacingly especially when you're not looking.  And if you roll em' up, they will not stay put for even one second :S Honestly... now that we're talking about this, how do you organise your belts?  I think it's quite easy for guys cause guys normally have two belts; the formal one and the informal one.  There, done deal.  Who cares where they get hung right?  But girls are different (obviously) so yea, tell me how do you organise your belts?

I've had enough of them.  So here's what I did.  I recycled some of the really loose hairbands that I have, and some realllllly cute pins and clips that I no longer use to hold them in a tight roll.  And this is what they look like now:

For really flimsy 'cloth' type kind of belts, I folded them and secured with hairpins that I no longer wear.  They're reaaaaaaally small and cute so their 'teeth' are quite harmless to fabric.  But be careful if you're using a 'tighter' sort of hair clip cause it may leave marks or worse, damage your precious fabric :S

And then there're the less delicate sort of belts but if you unroll them, they go unruly all over, which frankly irritates the daylight out of me.  So I secure them with these little cute rubber bands which I don't use but never had the heart to throw them out.

It's really quite easy to secure them.  Don't tie them if you don't want them to crease your belt cause tying can be a little tight.  All you really wanna do is to hold the foldings together to make sure it doesn't run wild and free.

And the mothers of ALL irritating belts are the leather ones.  Try rolling one up or hanging one on the rack and you'll know what I mean.  So, what I did was to roll them up and right at the tail end, tied it with a loose hairband.

Like this and tada!  No more unruly belts!

So whenever you don't use something, don't throw them out on your first instinct.  Sometimes, they may come a lot more handy than you'd imagine them to be :) I hope this gave you some idea on what you can do to:

1) Reuse hair pins and hairbands
2) Tame these 'snaky' little things

And a very happy day to you too! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Collecting glass jars! Recycle please ♡

Hello everyone,

If you have any glass jars at home (wide-neck ones only please!) and you don't want them anymore, please feel free to pass em' to me :) I figure they will definitely come handy when one day when I decide to expand my jam empire.  Ha ha ha.

Type sample:

It would help me tremendously if you could do the simple following before passing me your jars:

1) Check if they're all jam-friendly (wine bottle is not jam-friendly and I am not your neighbourhood dumpster :Pp)
2) Try to remove the sticky label from the jar if you've purchased it from the supermarket via an au naturale way, it's really not as difficult as you think it is.
3) Wash em' CLEAN and air-dry em' (strawberry jam with remnants from the past is not cool)
4) Make sure they are really dry before screwing back the lid (trapped moisture for a prolonged period of time is simply gross)
5) Once you've done all of the above, pack em' in a box/bag and send them to me!
6) And lastly, keep posted on this blog to see what happened to your jar :)

Anyway, I've also taken an interest in 'glass-etching' which is a technique in creating artwork on glass using acid or abrasive substance - that gives you the same effect as sandblasting.  Maybe when I learn how to do this, then I can sandblast my own car's windows from now on ;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Black lace vest - SOLD.

Something I've always had but never worn.  Maybe once?  It had to be at leeeeast once ;)

Size: S/M
Colour and design: Black lace with front frills, button down and tie-back ribbon.
Condition (newness): 9/10
Price: RM30

Mail me ☛ here for purchase!

*100% of the sales proceeds go to charity.  Read more about our cause here.  And if you're feeling kind and would like to encourage us to continue giving, help us by voting The Good Samaritan Shop as the Best CSR Blog category for Social Media Award 2012!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awesome Thursday.

Some updates on our accounts!

We sold two jars of Strawberry Jam today - RM20 (if you want some homemade jam too, just give me a jar.  The going rate is RM5 but it's really up to your generosity ;))

And you wouldn't believe it.  Last night, a good Samaritan donated RM130 to this charity bank.  According to him, it's his spoil from the gambling table.  Hehe, wow right? :) So big thank you!

That brings us to a total of RM687.60.

C'mon guys, share some ideas on who we could help with this money!