Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Good Samaritan x Boo = Freedom House project.

Look at this face.  How can you not respond to his beckon?  Besides, it's for an extremely important cause.  There were countless documentaries which I have watched talking about domestic abduction in China, India, everywhere.  People even though well into their adult age, have been tricked into slavery and prostitution.  Seriously... I may sound bi-polar because I believe in competition in growth but at the same time I also strongly feel about human rights equality.  My mantra is; if you're gonna have a fair fight, pick an equal.  Fighting the weak only only goes to show that you're in fact, much weaker than them.  So help me, help Boo, help those who have been saved from slavery and those who are still a victim of human trafficking here.

Watch more about this sad situation:

For more information on the Freedom House project, click any.of.these.words.

The Good Samaritan Shop has donated RM714.60, approximately USD230 to the Freedom House project  and would like to thank everyone one of you for making this happen :) Let's keep on changing the world, one cause at a time!

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