Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nike Women's Air Force 1 Mid (skyline blue/grey/white) 308915-401.

Now, this is a true challenge.  Letting go of the Adidas Superstar Sunshine was only the beginner level.  This one is really tough.  Did you know it did go to the shop once?  I passed it to my friend to sell, and I remember asking her to get the phone number of whomever who was gonna buy it.  She asked me why.  I don't know.  Just wanna check on my shoes I suppose.  And... get to know the owner better?  Haha.

But as you can see from here.  I chickened out last minute.  I called her to take it off the market.  Now.  Now!  Like NOW!  So, here they are once again :) And I'm still going through this... personal conflict.  Seriously, you must be wondering why don't I just keep it.  Logic tells me no, but feelings tell me yes.  Well, this is not a relationship, it's not rocket science so I think I can do this.  These are just shoes.  Rice for the homeless or three pairs of Nike AFs, I think the answer is pretty clear there.  Right?  No?  Yes?  Hmm...

Oh well, I should stop talking about these shoes cause if I continue talking about them... I will just erase this post, shut down my laptop and go watch some TV.

I got them from Shanghai, so that should be... about 5 to 6 years ago.  They're of course Limited Editions, can check out the original price here.  Perfect condition.  Trust me.

Size: UK - 5.5, EU - 38, JPN - 24 
Colour and design: Limited edition AF1 mids in skyline blue with paisley design, medium grey-white with two choices of laces - white or navy.
Condition (newness): 9/10
Price: RM150 COD (really... serious serious serious serious buyers only and please please please please take good care of them)

You see the faint stains on the sole?  Well that's what minus 1 point from it being a perfect 10 ;)

Original box with extra navy laces.

Read more about The Good Samaritan Shop here. 

And mail me if you want to audition for them.  Hehe, kidding.  Let me know if you are interested.


  1. Is this still available? I am kinda.. interested. =)

  2. For you, definitely available! :D