Monday, November 14, 2011

Buy a plot, save a plot - WWF Coral Triangle Initiative.

Today, the Good Samaritans are seafood heroes.  It's not about making big donations but small ones that when combined in volume will provide significant results.

We made our mark by buying a $5 plot on the Coral Triangle (the sea area which spans 6 countries).  It's important for you to know these three most important issues faced by the area:

1) Coral bleaching due to global warming (when the coral dies, the fishes die too)
2) Extinction of marine turtles (which controls the jellyfish population and prevent them from invading the world - I kid you not.  Don't believe, read this)
3) Unsustainable and unscrupulous fishing activities (seabed combing and sea bombing are common because it's fast and convenient but it kills everything - even sea life that we don't need).

Why the Coral Triangle?  Because it's also known as the womb of the sea where it supports millions with billions of USD per year - tourism, fishery, etc.  And most importantly, it's the life support system for most marine life.  Please help us make sure this area stay healthy and balanced.  Your $5 will go a long way.  And most importantly, do get your friends to just make that one little difference with one little click.

We did our bit, how about chyoo? :)

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