Friday, September 30, 2011

Help suggestions needed!

Sold out again :)))

Do you have any idea on which home to help?  And what sort of help?  For home(s), I'd prefer to donate functional items.  For overseas charity, then perhaps a cash donation is better.

If you have some suggestions, perhaps you could help me out? :)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

A note for you.

When two people meet, each one is changed by the other so you’ve got two new people – John Steinbeck

Let's be new? 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Super Magic Sticks - SOLD!

*These sticks found a good home.  Better luck next time!*

These bunch of colourful magic sticks will make any golfer's dream come true.  Tee off higher, faster, longer further (sorry, copy mistake on the package - blame late night), Tiger's distance equivalent!  They come in bright colours so that you don't get embarrassed when you can't find your tee in front of your haughty friends during an intense game.

And the best part is, these magic sticks will work magic on someone's life - they get full donation from your purchase.  Now, not only you can achieve distance you could only dream of, you can also golf graciously knowing that every strike has helped touch someone's life :) And you can secretly smirk at your haughty friends for not knowing better!

Get your own pack of Super Magic Sticks now!  This one is going for RM10 15 only (come on, what is an additional 5 bucks for a warm fuzzy feeling?), while stocks last!

*This advertising message is intentionally exaggerated because we hold the Creative License.  Actual distance achieved may vary due to golfer's own personal skill.  Thank you for your support and we wish you the best greens, Tiger ;) *grrowl*

Email me to make your dream come true!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another cause to consider.

Only the brave can... or WILL enter :)

"Only The Brave Foundation" from Brand New School on Vimeo.

They are currently supporting some activities in Mali.  I logged onto their virtual room at and it reminded me of the time I spent in Mukuyuni village, in the outskirts of Nairobi.  A heartbreaking sight but also one that's strengthens the faith.

Shall we?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mandarina Duck leather handbag - SOLD!


Mandarina Duck is a 30-year old Italian brand that focuses on contemporary but simple and versatile style for functional travellers.  I got this carry bag when I was travelling in Italy.  It doesn't look big but trust me, with 3 main compartments, 2 smaller ones and an expandable zip at the bottom, it can carry ALL.  I've been using it for awhile till I was born-again into using eco-bags, hence it's been sitting on the shelf for the longest time.  Now, time to put it into good use again :)

For those of you who have not heard about Mandarina Duck before and would like to know more:

"The concept of modernity is at the heart of every Mandarina Duck creation. For today's men and women this means a product that speaks their language, that is totally up-to-date and often capable of anticipating trends with its love of innovation, original solutions and distinctive, self-assured style" 

Dimensions: 34x24x14 (cm) (expanded base up to 19cm!)
Colour: Dark brown with embossed logo wording on the front
Material: Leather with suede base, silver buckles and detailing.  It also comes with its original suede key ring.
Newness level: 6.5/10 (a little seasoned looking due to the nature of suede)
Weight: 600-800gm
Price: RM50 + postage (or RM50 if COD - pick-up at Plaza Damansara)
Postage price reference by Pos Laju (sorry, we only serve in Malaysia for the time being!)

Read about The Good Samaritan cause here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Giving light to people in darkness.

Good news :) Both items are sold. To be shamelessly honest, I was becoming heavy hearted when parting with my stuff. I think in a way, this is a good exercise for me. Someone told me recently that I shouldn't get so attached to 'things'. I didn't think I was but hey, now I know better. It's easy to let go of stuff that you no longer want or need. It's a lot tougher to let go of stuff that you still like. I suppose that applies to everything in life, innit? But it's all good :)

Thanks to the kind buyers, now we can put more lights in places people need them most - home :)

A total of RM80 (approximately 1,113.44 Philippine Peso) have been donated to this cause:

If you would like to support this cause on your own, please do so :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent aviator sunnies - SOLD!

*** Sorry this item has already found a new owner. Better luck next round ;) ***

Though it's been raining these days, there's no reason to not have a pair of good looking aviators for Malaysia's all year summer.

I got this pair of YSL when I was travelling in Italy, where everyone looked (and still do) like they just walked out from a Gucci poster. So... well, how can I not right? So there you go. It's with a silver metal lining frame on the top and is 100% made in Italy :) Comes in its original case in white with matching branded cloth.

Good design needs intricate appreciation. Buy :)

Dimensions (case): 18x7x8 (cm)
Colour: Silver and black (case is in white exterior, black interior with Yves Saint Laurent embossed in black lettering)
Condition: Almost new :)
Weight: 400-500gm
Price: RM50 + postage
Postage price reference by Pos Laju (sorry, we only serve in Malaysia for the time being!)

Be French chic and do email me for purchase

Read about The Good Samaritan cause here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thanks y'all for ♡ !!


Wow. So much in just one day! Unfortunately, the bag hasn't been sold yet, but SO many people want to sell their stuff for charity. I mean, that's so cool! :) I'm glad you guys loved the idea and much love for all your repost and RTs ;)

Thanks to Don, I have two badges here so if you wanna sell your stuff for the same cause, please you're so welcome to do so! You could include the following badges (whichever one that takes your fancy) in your website, or you could print them out and label your stuff if you wish to sell at flea markets, anything, be creative! The badges are supposed to help you sell easier so that buyers know what your cause is. But of course, if you wish to be a crook and use this for personal gain, what can I do but turn the other cheek.  Glad to be of help anytime, mate.  See you in hea... oh no, hang on a minute.  You're going to hell.  See you when I see you then :)

So... thanks much peeps. Unfortunately, I can't help you guys to sell your stuff cause Sparks lives in a house and not a warehouse! And, hopefully... something good will come out of this. If you wish to be part of this project by becoming a seller yourself, please please please mail me here so that I can get connected to you :)

Aww. Touched :) xoxo

Original Adidas Samba sling bag - SOLD.

*** Sorry this item has found a new happy owner. Better luck next round ;) ***

First item to be sold online is an original Adidas Samba sling bag:
Dimensions: 28x26x6 (cm)
Colour: Red
Condition: GREAT :)
Weight: 500-600gm
Price: RM30 + postage
Postage price reference by Pos Laju (sorry, we only serve in Malaysia for the time being!)

You can read and see more in the gallery.

Sparks' Good Samaritan Shop.

Hello everyone,

Today, I'd like to share with you another little beta project that I'm really excited about :) and it's called 'The Good Samaritan Shop'. Basically, it is an online project that sells pre-owned goods for charity. 70% of the proceeds from goods sold will be either used to purchase food or daily necessities or to pay for necessary bills/fees for the less fortunate. The remaining 30% will be used as fees to operate and maintain this project (as of latest update March 17th, 2012).  Well, unfortunately I have not identified which home to support yet because I'd like to respond based on their individual needs. But rest assure, to ensure transparency, I'll publish the transaction and purchases online as well as the identified charity :)

I'd like to apologise in advance for being a little selfish, and ask that you do not request for specific homes to donate the proceeds to as it will get messy (I hope you understand as God is fair and only gave me two hands). But am definitely definitely open for suggestions :))

Anyway, if you're interested to know why I'm doing this... well I kinda figured that we're really technically not just over-consuming, but over-storing stuff. I can't bear the size of my carbon footprint and in my attempt to reduce it, figure that perhaps some stuff should go. But I'm really a closet hoarder too, and instead of just donating 'my junk' to charity (which trust me, they need rice more than they need my pair of Adidas), so... I figured it would be wiser to sell them to people who may be interested in good, working pre-owned items, get the money and use it for charitable purposes. And I have have have to thank a friend who recently did that for my Nokia E70 and in return, he used the money to purchase rice and milk powder for charity. Wow, I mean seriously... like how awesome is that right?

So... there, here's a Good Samaritan Shop and I believe that the good Samaritan is you. Shop knowing that your money will be put into greater than good use :) I hope that will please you more than the things you may soon learn to love here. Everything is still very much 'beta', so please be patient. All emails are welcome except for junk so... please, if you have any thoughts, wire them to me here :)

Well... fingers crossed to a sustainable project and good day to you too :)