Thursday, October 13, 2011

RM60 to sponsor 2 tickets for the elderly blind!

"Help needed for MAB (Msian Association for the Blind). 30 tickets to be sponsored for the elderly blind, so the old people can attend MAB's 60th anniversary celebration performance at MAB hall on 29 Oct, 3-5pm. RM30 each tix. Please send me message if you r so kind to sponsor. You can also buy tix to see it for yourself. Tks :)" - Prestinne Tan

So The Good Samaritan Shop responded by sponsoring two tickets for the elderly blind :)

MAB is founded with these in mind:

To empower persons with visual impairment by providing them with services & opportunities for greater participation, involvement and integration into society as well as to promote prevention of blindness.

MAB aspires to create equal opportunities for visually impaired persons so as to enable them to enjoy the same quality of life as the sighted.

Go to website for more information.


It may not seem a lot but sometimes, a bit of music, laughter and dance will do a lot for the soul.  As you can experience first hand from here:

HAHAHAHA.  Oh well, anyway, I really hope they will enjoy the show :) and you have a good day too.

(If you would like to sponsor some tickets too, get in touch with me!)

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