Friday, April 13, 2012

If this man comes alive in music, imagine what we can do to others?

I watched this yesterday and thought it was absolutely beautiful.  If music can really bring out the memory or that buried person within the elderly, imagine what we can do at elderly homes here?

Maybe there's an idea here we can consider.  Maybe we can give music to the elderly as well.  More than the sacks and sacks of rice that's overflowing in their pantry.  Many may think music is unnecessary compared to food, but... if like this man, it can awaken them who are prisoners in their own soul, would we still think it's a luxury, a good to have?  Hmm... I don't know.  You tell me.

By the way, I'm gonna create a new link box at the right hand side of this blog (just scroll down a little to see it).  I'll be listing all the ideas that were inspired by my reading or during shower or over discussion with other kindred spirit, in the link list.  I've gotten some enquiries from a few kind Samaritans expressing their concern and offering their help.  So, one way for you to participate is to collaborate by taking up one of the ideas which may interest you :) We can do it together, let me know!

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